Bursary Fund/Scholarship Fund

We believe that the benefits of a high quality music education should be for everyone regardless of income level. Research has proven all the ways it benefits students:

  • An improvement in learning and intelligence including language, spacial-temporal reasoning, listening, problem solving, memory and fine motor skills
  • Enhanced social skills, self-confidence and self-discipline 
  • Increased resiliency to life’s challenges

The bursary fund has provided music education to a wide cross section of our community including indigenous, refugee and newly immigrated students. The scholarship fund has encouraged dedicated students to continue their musical journey. 

One of our bursary recipients received the impressive mark of 99% on her gr. 8 theory exam and had this to say:

“The bursary I received helped continue my dream of learning intermediate piano skills and reaching my goals to complete both the theory course and piano. I love my classes because I’ve always had an interest in the concept of music and was drawn to playing piano at an early age. It also helped my mom afford my lessons so I am very grateful for this program.”   Bursary Recipient, Age 12

Providing subsidized lessons for students is a multi-year commitment, so it is our goal to raise funds for our PG Community Foundation endowment fund. Raising $40,000 for our endowment fund will help provide the stable funding needed for both bursaries and scholarships to continue every year. We are also hoping to raise an additional $10,000 to cover this year’s bursaries and scholarships. 

BursaryScholarship Fund

A huge thank-you to our 2023/2024 generous donors:

Half Note Donors

Elizabeth and Donald MacRitchie

Noreen and Jim Rustad

Quarter Note Donors

Sue and Don Bond

Jeff and Heather Corbett

PG Kiwanis

Eighth Note Donors

Eli Klasner

Travis Stringer with RBC Dominion Securities

Darcy Russell

Margith and David Dahlstrom

Sixteenth Note Donors

Carolynne Burkholder-James and Peter James

Dr. Christine J Kurz & Azure Advanced Aesthetics

Rose Loewen

Jody Newham

Shoshanna Godber

Waddell Environmental

Kasandra Joss

Nechako Optometry

PG Community Arts Council

PG Conservatory of Music Board of Directors

Donna and Henry Klassen 

Margaret and Robert Plewes


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