1. IF YOU ARE JUST STARTING lessons with us, please contact us first! 
Phone: 250-564-7467 or email We will discuss with you which instructor or program would best suit you or your child.

2. MAKE LESSONS ARRANGEMENTS: Once you speak to someone from our office, we will put you in contact with your instructor, and then the two of you can decide on:

  • A mutually convenient lesson time (daytime or evenings)
  • The length of lessons  (30, 45, or 60 minutes)

3.  DOWNLOAD OUR REGISTRATION FORM. Once filled in, you can either scan it and email it to or drop it off in person at 3555 5th Ave during office hours.

 Download 2020-2021 Registration Form

4. REGISTER AND PAY IN PERSON during office hours, Mon & Tues 10:30 am to 2:30 pm, Wed-Fri 2:00 to 6:00 pm

Registration and payment must be completed before lessons commence.

Registration can take place any time during the school year for both individual and group lessons. Costs for most lessons/groups will be pro-rated if you start lessons later in the semester.

Fees for Private Lessons

Fees are due before the term begins. We accept cash, cheques, Visa and Mastercard. (Sorry, no debit cards). Payment can be made for the full year, per term, or by 9 monthly post-dated cheques or credit card payments (NO CASH), dated Sep 1 to May 1.

Lesson Time One Semester (18 weeks) Two Semesters (36 weeks) 9 Monthly payments September 1- May 1
30 Minutes $432 $864 $96
45 Minutes $648 $1296 $144
60 Minutes  $864 $1728 $192


Group lessons: $185 per semester

Chamber Choir: TBA

Harp Ensemble: $13 per 60 minute class

Fees for Music for Young Children

 Lesson/ Time   One Term
 (18 weeks)
 Two Terms
 (36 weeks)
9 Monthly Payments September 1- May 1
 MYC 1 hour  $415.00  $830.00  $92.30
 (12 weeks)
 $134    n/a
 (10 weeks)
 $129    n/a

Annual Registration Fees (non-refundable)

$35/student, $50/family, $10/ choir, groups (excluding MYC), $10/RRS, Sunrise

Overdue Accounts & Discontinuation of Lessons

The music school reserves the right to discontinue the lessons of any student whose account is in arrears.

Absence Policy

If you need to cancel or reschedule a lesson, please contact your instructor directly. Office hours do not always correspond to lesson times and teachers will not receive voicemails left after office hours. A faculty contact list is provided in the student handbook you will receive at time of registration.

When a student is absent, with or without notice, the instructor will be paid for this lesson time. The teacher IS NOT obliged to supply make-up lessons as this time has been set aside specifically for you.

When an instructor is absent, with or without notice, a make up lesson will be provided at a mutually agreed upon time. If a make up lesson cannot be scheduled, the student will receive a refund for the lesson(s) at the end of the term.

Scheduled make up lessons that are missed will not be refunded.


Withdrawals from Private Lessons 

A written withdrawal must be submitted to the administrator 4 weeks in advance or 4 weeks' lessons will be charged to the student. In the case of unforeseeable circumstances, ie prolonged illness, refunds will be considered.

There are no refunds for group classes regardless of when the student withdraws from the class.


Recent News

Safety Update for Parents and Caregivers

Oct 6, 2020

Are you wondering if you should bring your child/children to music class? The School District recently removed several symptoms from their daily health checklist. Please use the updated daily health checklist to assess your child/children before bringing them to class. The checklist can be found here

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French Connection - Faculty Concert
Nov 1, 2020

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