Scholarship Competition
May 3, 2024

[Prince George, April 29th] - Yesterday afternoon, the PG Conservatory of Music held its annual scholarship competition, showcasing the exceptional talent of its students across various levels and instruments. The event featured adjudicator Eli Klasner overseeing performances from 32 competitors spanning levels 1 through 10, including an inaugural adult category.

In a heartwarming turn of events, Eli Klasner, impressed by the dedication and passion exhibited by the adult participants, generously donated an additional $300 on behalf of the Community Arts Council. This donation ensured that every adult student received a scholarship award, a gesture inspired by their commitment to music.

The competition, which awarded more than $3500 in tuition scholarships, was a testament to the hard work of students, parents, and teachers throughout the year. Reflecting on the event, PG Conservatory of Music’s Artistic Director expressed gratitude to the donors whose contributions make such support possible, stating, "It was wonderful to see the result of all the hard work students, parents, and teachers have put in this year. We want to thank all of our amazing donors who have enabled us to financially support these students."

The scholarship winners for this year's competition are as follows:

Levels 1-3

First place: Daniel Tong

Second place: Liam Knowles

Third place: Amelie Van der Walt

Levels 4-5

First place: Larkin Imbao

Second place: Adalyn Sinclair

Third place: Felix Kiss-Hamon

Levels 7-10

First place: Orrin Menounos

Second place: Belinda Mou

Third place: David Kiss-Hamon

Adult Category

First place: Jaclyn Warkentin

Two scholarships were awarded in honour of individuals who left a lasting impact on the Conservatory. The Grace Bosma Memorial Award, named after the Conservatory's longtime administrator from 1984 to 2013, honours the legacy of Grace Bosma, who passed away in 2021. The Mary Clare Lewis Award recognizes Mary Clare Lewis for her nearly 30 years of dedicated service as a board member, many of which were spent as board president.

The PG Conservatory of Music extends its congratulations to all scholarship recipients and extends its heartfelt appreciation to Eli Klasner and all donors for their generosity and support.

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